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Here’s a poem this girl posted on her Facebook. She’s a baddd chick, but listen what she has to say on abortion.

She said nigga you got some nerve
To come up to me talkin’ bout abortion
This my body nigga so don’t think you finna force shit
See I knew that this is how you act, so typical
Said you love me, oh, but now you flipping like reciprocals
It figures though, I should’ve known that you was just another nigga
No different from them other niggas
Who be claiming that they love you just to get up in them draws
Knowing all the right things to say
I let you hit it raw mothaf-cker
Now I’m pregnant you don’t wanna get involved muthaf-cker
Tryna take away a life, is you God mothaf-cker?
I don’t think so
This a new life up in my stomach
Regardless if I’m your wife
This new life here I’mma love it
I’m aint budging, I’ll do this by my muthaf-cking self
See my momma raised me without no muthaf-cking help from a man
But I still don’t understand how you could say that
Did you forget all those conversations that we had way back
Bout your father and you told me that you hate that nigga
Talkin’ bout he a coward and you so glad that you aint that nigga
Cause he left your mamma when she had you and he aint shit
Here you go doin’ the same shit
You aint shit nigga!

by Alva Santana

Beyond "It's a Baby"



Frederica Mathewes-Green’s article, from the National Review, December 31, 1997. Good read for pro-lifers who can’t see any view beyond “It’s a baby!” So important is that last bolded statement. Making an amendment won’t affect the issues that cause women to feel the need for an abortion. How can we help these women? 

“Most people feel uncomfortably that abortion is wrong, but simply can’t imagine how pregnant women’s problems could be solved. That is the point pro-lifers must address; instead of cruelly labeling women “frivolous” or charging that they’re motivated by convenience, we must keep mother and child together. Nature put them together in a union that takes some violence to disrupt; when we disrupt it with facile rhetoric, we’re damaging our own cause. Not to mention wounding the very women we should be seeking to help…

Crisis pregnancy services don’t demonstrate anything about injustice or the sanctity of fetal life. They just demonstrate a commitment to help women love their own children to life. 

The problem is that women’s sexuality is deeply tied to commitment and emotional stability, and in this bad bargain women lose. Abortion severs two relationships at once, the woman from her lover and from her child. No wonder pro-choice slogans ring with first-person-singulars: my right, my decision, my body, my choice. The flip side of autonomy is loneliness. Abortion promises to make a woman unfettered, empowered and free; instead she finds herself isolated, endangered and sad….

 Tomorrow morning, 4100 women will wake up and think, “My abortion is today.” An amendment to the Constitution is not going to suddenly appear and halt them; in fact, if we miraculously padlocked all the abortion clinics tomorrow, without making any changes in our support system, all we’d have is women banging on the locked doors and crying. We wouldn’t have done anything to alleviate the problems that drove them to the clinic in the first place. What can we do to help them?”

Being truly pro-life is about making it possible for quality lives to be led, so that no woman—no one—ever has to feel that murder is ever, ever the only let option, let alone an option.

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RainyAutumnTwilight: Yes, you are ableist.




It is ableist to think that you should abort a child, on the off chance that they might be disabled cause it’s an “act of mercy”.

What the FUCK?



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RainyAutumnTwilight: badwolfcomplex: catholiclifeguard: STATEMENT FOR RESPECT LIFE...




Cardinal Daniel N. DiNardo
Chairman, Committee on Pro-Life Activities
United States Conference of Catholic Bishops

September 26, 2011

This October the Catholic Church throughout the United States will observe…

Obama, if you crush my university, I will personally make your life miserable for the rest of your days on this earth. I'm not okay with this.




So you think it’s okay for your university to refuse to provide women with the healthcare they need, including an abortion, simply because your morals say that’s wrong? Tell me, why do you think everyone should have to live according to your morals?

And how is Obama “crushing your university” by simply making them abide by the Freedom of Religion? Pushing your morals on others is not Constitutional, no matter how much you’d like to think it is.

They did the same thing to the Belmont Abbey Collage. That is a CATHOLIC collage. Shouldn’t they get their FREEDOM OF RELIGION too? As in they should get to exercise their religious morals because they are a religious collage?!

The catholic faith believes aborted babies go to hell. Not that I agree but, if they believe that, why force them to allow/offer abortions?! In accordance to their beliefs that is blood on their hands. That is just wrong.

Where is the freedom of religion for the religious?! It’s not supposed to only protect the non-religious you know.

A correction: the Catholic Church does not teach and never has taught that aborted babies go to hell. It teaches that abortion is wrong because it is a sin against the right to life.

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180 Pro-Life Movie

Connections between abortion and the Holocaust.

this is awesome.


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Swords, Roses, and Feminism!: Some Reasons "Pro-Life" is "Pro-Woman"


Here’s a rebloggable version of this Q&A, as requested.

You know, I don’t think I’ve ever actually gotten that question before. So thanks for asking!

Congrats on joining the FSA! We need more active, Pro-life Catholic Feminists out there in order to away with the…

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"A couple of weeks ago I went for my physical, and was in the X-ray room. There, as clear as day, was the dramatic warning: “X-rays can be dangerous to your unborn baby. Let the technician know if you are pregnant.” We all know it, don’t we? We’re not talking about a “fetus,” “a mass of cells,” but a baby. The X-ray technicians know it; the obstetricians who show the sonogram to a mom know it; even the teenage mom on a recent MTV program sympathetic to abortion knew it when she pointed to a little baby and whispered, “Don’t tell me that little baby is just an ‘it.’”"

- Most Rev. Timothy Dolan, Archbishop of New York and USCCB President, Speech at the Fourth Annual Respect Life Week, Yonkers, January 9, 2011 (via catholicknight)

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